diy_efi logo This is a WWW home page for the Do-It-Yourself Electronic Fuel Injection mailing-list, officially known as diy_efi. The mailing-list is dedicated strictly to the discussion of topics related to EFI design and modification. I would like to see discussion on control algorithms, hardware, electronics, and sensor/sensor-interface designs. Additionally, modification and adaptations of OEM ECU's would also be welcomed.

A word about projects: A new policy has been adopted regarding projects, licenses, and the DIY_EFI list. New projects from this point forward that are discussed on list will either be released under the GNU GPL or LGPL, or will fall into the category of "commercial products". Projects that are stored on the DIY_EFI server must be released under a GNU license.

3rd party commercial products: Discussing commercially available products that are of use to the DIY community is explicitly acceptable as long as the discussion is focused on merits and drawbacks.

List member commercial products: List members who are able to provide goods or services to other list members are encouraged to do so. Discussion of these goods and services is desirable as long as the list is not used for free advertising. In this regard, the policy regarding goods and services provided by list members is that when a new product or service is available, or a new version is available, then an announcement to the list is acceptable. Discussion by users of these products or services is explicitly acceptable as long as it is focused on merits and drawbacks. Vendors can participate in these discussions but please do not initiate them, other than simple announcements as noted above.

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