Design by Al Lipper (ALIPPER@aol.com)
(c) 1994

This ZIP contains the files with what you need to build/program an electronic fuel injection system based on a plug-in PC adapter card (ISA bus). The schematic is complete and has been tested in actual operation. The BASIC software is a minimal implementation which will allow a vehicle to be started and run, but will not account for changes in temperature, rapid acceleration/deceleration, or exhaust oxygen content.

To help you develop your own algorithms/program, I have included research data from two primary sources. First was actual operational data read from a 1982 Pontiac 6000 with a 2.5L throttle body injection (TBI) system (also known as GMs CCC system). This data was recorded with the vehicle running and was sampled primarily with an oscilloscope and digital multimeter. The second set of data is what is referred to as simulator data. This was collected by simulating various inputs to the vehicle's ECM (electronic control module) and reading the resulting IPW (injector pulse width). Such tests are more accurate than those taken in actual vehicle operation since the inputs may be precisely set. Additionally, conditions which are not readily available can be simulated (e.g. wide open throttle with a coolant temperature of 0 degrees).

The circuit was originally tested using a genuine IBM PC operating at 4.77 Mhz. With this in mind, it should certainly work with just about any other machine.

This information is here for whomever wants to make use of it. Naturally I don't take any responsibility for its quality or for what you decide to do with it. Feel free to share it, but you can't charge anyone for it or any product you create primarily using it.

I'm interested in hearing about any projects people end up building. The best way to reach me is via e-mail or a posting to the DIY_EFI newsgroup.

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The files included in this project are as follows.

The files for this project were lost in the server crash, and aren't available from archive.org

These are all tables of research data (exported from Excel). Some formatting may not be great and you'll need to draw your own grid lines, but all the data is here: The schematic itself is available in two forms (it was originally designed in OrCAD), and is included along with the .txt version of the above mentioned files, in a .zip file here.