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Flex hoses for TBI's

Saw where someone wanted to add flex hoses to a TBI.
Here is some info that might help.

Late 80's P/U's came stock with SS braided lines.

I bought a couple of sets from the local Chevy Dlr.
at less than $70 a set for P/N 1556-7762, Hose Assy.
May seem to be HI$ until you see what you get.

This P/N includes two SS flex hoses clamped together 
with a small clip /mount (easily removed)

Smaller hose is about 48 in long, Female 5/16 Saginaw (14mm x 1.5)
on one end and short piece of tubing on other end, 
bent just over 90 degrees to connect at TBI. The tube end is 
5/16 Saginaw Male and goes right into fitting on TBI for return.

Larger hose is about 60 in long, Male 3/8 Saginaw (16mm x 1.5)
on both ends.  Also connects right to the fitting on the TBI and the other
connects right into a Chevy P/U fuel filter making the supply.


FOLLOWING is the "Fuel" list that one of the DIY-EFI guys assembled.
(sorry about not being able to give credit more accurately-
can anyone identify source?) 

Fuel injection feed and return nut kit GM 1711798
thread sizes are 14mm X 1.5 and 16mm X 1.5

Connector, fuel feed, double female lines   GM 15544805
connects two male 3/8" Saginaw ends

Connector, fuel return, double female lines  GM 15550219
connects two male 5/16" Saginaw ends

Short sections of line, approx2", with metric/quick connect
Pressure: GM#15694407   $10.55 list
                       15609225    short, straight  $2.55
                       15609224    short, u shaped  $3.25
                       15694408     $10.55
These fittings can easily be used with rubber line by using the quick
connect side as a barb.  Be sure to use quality clamps and hose rated for
appropriate pressures.

GM Stainless steel braided hose, feed and return
15567762  approx. 30"long   $72 list
This line is used on '88 and '89 pickups.  
Looks nice and it's flexible, but spendy.

Rubber hoses
22527471 fuel feed, 1 male X 1 female 3/8" ID
22528623 fuel return 1male X 1 male 5/16" ID
10114736 return hose female X female 5/16" ID
10114709 feed hose female X female 3/8" ID
These are hoses which connect between the tank and the lines.  
There are many different versions available, and they are all model

O rings
22514722 fuel feed    --    22516256 fuel ret.

Fuel Filters 
25055052 or GF 481 (AC) standard efi filter
25055003 or GF 478 (AC) 1983 Camaro with Crossfire (5.0 "S"engine)  
barbed hose end on inlet and 3/8 inv. flare on outlet
GF626 has same fittings as GF481, is stainless steel (not
polished), and costs less!  Fits 1995 Chevy pickup.

Motorvac Fittings
 MV0603400: fuel feed m16X1.5 to 3/8" inv. flare $16.50
MV0603304: fuel ret. metric14X1.5 to 5/16" inv. flare $15.04
Available through Snap On Dealer
Motorvac Tech Support (800) 841-8810 

Weatherhead Fittings 
3/8" inverted flare to 14 X 1.5mm    1445
3/8" inverted flare to 16 X 1.5mm    1446
3/8" inverted flare to 18 X 1.5mm    1447
(ADDED NOTE: Poor machining on Saginaw end - 
works on some applications/have to machine to fit on others.

Earls  (1-800-421-2712)
Part no. 
  991954 14mm X 1.5 (return line)
  991955 16mm X 1.5 (pressure line)
  991956 18mm X 1.5 (power steering line)

ACCEL Saginaw parts:
"The kit consists of three 12" long, 3/8" diameter steel tubes and one 12"
long, 5/16" diameter steel tube with the Saginaw flare used in stock GM fuel
injection systems.  It allows direct connection to TPI fuel rails and a high
pressure fuel filter." (one end has Saginaw fitting, other end is
Jumper Line Kit:74731
3/8" Jumper Line Only:74731-A
5/16" Jumper Line Only:74731-B
3/8 Saginaw/Hose Barb Fitting (2 ea):  74720-A (for both sides of a high
pressure fuel filter, e.g. ACGF481)
"High quality aluminum fittings provide perfect fit to adapt GM fuel rails
(Saginaw) or high pressure fuel filters with Saginaw flares to AN-type
Fuel Filter Fitting Kit: 3/8 Saginaw to 6AN (2 ea):74721
TPI Fuel Rail Fitting Kit: 3/8 Saginaw to 6AN (1 ea), 5/16
Saginaw to AN (1 ea): 74730
"Anodized in a rich gold, these fittings allow the highestflowrate of any
Saginaw fitting available.  Complete with O-rings, these fittings now accept
#8AN fuel line."
High Flow Fuel Filter Fitting: 74743-H / High Flow Fuel Pump Fitting: 
74711-H Fuel Filter with 3/8 Saginaw provisions:
74720 (like GF481) These fittings adapt to a -6 AN line.


Finally found a local shop which stocks the whole Aeroquip line, not just
the metal-braid race stuff.   Not sure if anyone needs this info , but
here's pn's for what I used for going from frame-rail steel fuel line to
the fuel rail.  This is push-on rubber hose, no crimping rings or
compression fittings needed.  Rated for 300 psi.  Fittings are brass.  Also
available in -8 and -10.  

Hose, -6, Aeroquip PN 2556-6    
- -6 Hose to Male 3/8" inverted flare fitting PN 4740-6
- -6 Hose to Female 3/8" inverted flare fitting PN 4743-6

This is great stuff, and cheap too - hose $2.50/ft, fittings $3.25 each.
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