1227808 - Australian ECM


General info

The 1227808 (or '808) was used over an 8 year period, on many Australia vehicles, starting in January 1986 with the TBI Camira, and ending in 1993 with the V6/V8 VP Commodore (although the VR and VS models also had the 16183082 or 16206305 which is an almost identical ECM, but includes the SXR chip, see below).

It was also used in other countries importing the L4 GM family II motor that was manufactured in Melbourne Australia.

The 1227808 uses the same PCB as the 1227165 but the '808 is housed in a short case. The '808 is missing U2 (SXR chip, or UART driver chip) and is limited to 160 baud ALDL despite retaining the 8192 baud UART of the '165.

Click on the photo to see an enlarged JPEG of the 1277808 (222,505 bytes, 1600 x 1700)

Schematics of the 1227808. (vehicle wiring diagrams are linked to below)

All Australian 1227808 calibrations are MAP based and are limited to 160 baud ALDL. The 1227808 was used in the following Australian vehicles (ordered by engine size):

The Australian 1227808 came with a number of calibrations ($5D being most common covering both 4, 6 and 8 cylinder TBI and PFI) including the following (ordered by release date - all are 16 kbyte): Further technical information on the 1227808 can be found here.

.ecu files

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PROM images

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Wiring Diagrams/service information