1228331 (ZR1/LT5)

General info


.ecu files

.ecu files describe the layout of tables and data items in a PROM image. There are several image editing programs that use .ecu files in conjunction with .bin files to allow you to edit the tables in a prom image in real world units rather than hex. Promedit and Winbin are two examples.

PROM images

Prom images are listed by broadcast code, which uniquely identifies the application of the Prom (Engine, transmission, rear end, ECM, ec.)

Schematics/service info

LT5 waste fire DIS text/schematics
Page 6E3-c4-1
Page 6E3-c4-2
Page 6E3-c4-3
Page 6E3-c4-4
Page 6E3-c4-5
Page 6E3-c4-6
Page 6E3-c4-7
Page 6E3-c4-8