What are those body codes?

M Astro van 
L Astro van AWD 
S S10/S15 GMC 
T above with 4WD/AWD 
B Caprice Impala SS RWD 
A Celebrity source of 1227730's 
L Corsica/Beretta  These also have 1227730's 
N early Grand AM, Ciera, Skylark 
N present, Malibu and above 
G Full size vans 
P stepvans 
W Lumina, Monte Carlo, new fwd Impala, 
H LeSabre Olds 88 
C Olds 98 
D Cadillac Fleetwood, RWD 
E Riviera 
X Citation, remember them 
T, old Chevette 
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