Where can I find GM connectors?

Delphi is the former AC/Delco parts division of GM that was turned into a private company in 1999. ECMs, wiring harnesses, connectors, etc. are all part of Delphi now, and their entire catalog of wiring products can be found here, or a copy is stored locally here as a 13 MB pdf file.

Waytek Wire
If you're ordering in quantity you can get Weatherpak, Metripak, and other Packard/Delco style harness connectors from Waytek Wire. They also have high temp wire, crimp tools for the connectors, etc. They have a WWW page at www.waytekwire.com

White Racing
For smaller quantities, White racing seems to stock some GM connectors: members.aol.com/bigturbo1

OBD-II cables
These are tester/scanner cables that plug into the OBD-II connector, from the GM parts counter:
12143692 gets ya a 3ft cable
12143693 gets ya a 8 ft
12143694 gets ya a 12 ft

Or you can build your own from Pioneer/Packard parts (www.packard.pios.com):
12110252 OBDII Shell,
12110254 OBDII Clip (retainer for the shell),
and 12047581 Male Terminals
This cable may be available free as a sample.

ALDL cables
a 1 ft cable, ALDL on 1 end and 8 pin DIN on the other, is available from the auto parts store, OTC Part #212633.

Injector connectors
AMP has a connector that mates with the standard Bosch injector wiring harness (ie goes where the injector would). AMP 1-144545-0 mates with the standard Bosch style injector harness connector. The crimp blade terminal that goes in it is 142754-1.

Coil connectors
The remote coil HEI (small cap) has two low voltage connectors. The black one has the tach signal, the grey one has the large power lead.
Black: S-563
Grey: S-562

GMP parts
GMP Parts has GM ECM connectors in stock, at (916) 685-1055. Ask for John Flagg

Some GM part numbers:
If you're building/repairing a harness for the 1227165/727/730/749/808/747 ecms, you'll need 12047946 and 12045575. For 3 connector ECMs you'll also want 12089591. These are "car side" ECM connectors. Crimp terminals for the above are 12089660.

The connector inside a 747/808/148 ECM is Packard #12020756. The yellow connector on a 730/749 is 12048046

For a late model pickup (2 32 pin connectors, dark blue/dark red), the harness ends are:
12110113 Dr Red
12110115 Dr Blue
The mating parts inside the ECM are:
12129340 Dr Red
12119342 Dr Blue

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