Note: The WBO2 project is defunct, and these pages are no longer being actively maintained.

Information on wideband oxygen sensors for use with the DIY-WB controller

A typical OEM switching type O2 sensor will not work with this project.  This
project requires a 2 cell wide band O2 sensor that was used on a lean burn
Honda Civic.  It is available from Honda dealers, and from

Application/part number: 92-95 Honda Civic, 1.5 VTEC, 36531-P07-003

Picture of the Honda/NTK sensor

Data sheet for O2 sensor (PDF)

The generic NAPA equivalent may be cheaper, but may not be widely available:
NAPA Part number OS791.  The thread on this sensor is 18 mm x 1.5 mm pitch.

Mating connectors for the sensor can be found on Civics and probably other Hondas, even if
they weren't lean burn.  Try looking at:

The original manufacturer of the connector is Sumitomo. This connector is from the HW Sealed Series 090

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