Note: The WBO2 project is defunct, and these pages are no longer being actively maintained.


This project is an offering from the DIY-EFI List. It originated as a
group effort, then progressed to a few devoted individuals doing the
actual design. Out of respect for those who spent the hours, days, weeks,
months working on this I'd ask that you enjoy it. It has been almost 4
years in the works.

It is in the public domain, and for non-commercial purposes. If you feel
that you must pirate any of it please read no further and leave. It is a
hobbyist's toy, and not meant to be a laboratory grade instrument. It is
reliable and repeatable, so for the amateur tuner a much better aid then
using a switching type sensor, and guessing at what a good O2 *voltage*

Also, by reading further, if you do use this as a core, for a WB O2 of
any design, you agree to share your design, and notes with the GMECM,
and DIY-EFI Lists.

For any other projects like this to flourish, it has to be this way. If
you cash in on this, you'll just be hurting yourself and others long term.

Again, please obey the above.

Thank You,

The Design Team

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