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Welcome back to the efi332 site. The diy-server suffered a catastrophic crash and the site has been down for some time now but we're back up and running thanks to the efforts of Steve Ravet. The mailing list is also running, however since all addresses have been lost, you will have to re-subscribe. You can join the list here.

For those completely new to efi332, the EFI332 list is a group project to design an EFI system. The design is based around a 32 bit microcontroller, the Motorola MC68332. The design was done by Bruce Bowling and Al Grippo and was completed in 1999. A large group buy occurred in 2000 in which more than 200 boards and kits were produced. Since that time, only a few systems have been completed and are running daily. This was largely due to the steep learning curve required for this system. This list is for those few diehard folks working with this system and for anyone interested in follow on systems of which there are several in development.

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